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erm hi~ may i ask,i really wanted to know what event is this,i ask alot ppl but none of them reply T,T this :Apink Official cafe’s Somang Event cus i saw the polaroid and i was like 0,0!!!!! omo!!! so plz tell me wad event is the cafe holding T,T plzzzzzz

Asked by jh-apink

hello. Somang event is Apink Official cafe’s official event and already over. Somang(소망) means Dream, hope, wish. in other words Apink members’s dream, hope to write on the paper by nobody knowing and We(Panda) solve a question in who’s that write. (Set exam quiz in christmas Bomi’s PangPang radio part2. too) Only The 3 correct answers get Secret Polaroid. (sorry my eng is bad)

Posted on Thursday, January 10th 2013